About TexTeacher

Do you know that more than a billion people throughout the world are learning English? Wow, that is an impressive number! Now imagine how many questions on grammar, vocabulary, idioms and language usage they face every single day. At the same time, there are a huge number of native speakers and experienced learners of English who are qualified and willing to share their knowledge on a variety of topics with the others. To connect these two groups, we created an online community where they can meet and exchange the information they are looking for or possess, in a natural format of questions and answers. For the common good and for free.

TexTeacher is a noncommercial knowledge sharing platform for English language learners, linguists and enthusiasts where anyone can ask and answer questions. Hopefully, over time the project will grow into a huge database of quality information that can be useful to everyone. To make the website users' experience effective and time-saving, we deliberately lightened and simplified the frame to a few primary functions and added a quick handy search fetching all the inquiry related information within seconds.

Some questions you'll find here, are simple. Some are much more intricate. Some of them still need to get answered. Perhaps there is a question that only you know the right answer to! So do not hesitate to join the community and become a contributor to one of the best free knowledge sharing platforms on the internet. Ask and answer, learn and teach with TexTeacher.com!