Incremented tools?

Your precision improves with more finely incremented tools that require less estimation.
A line from What's the difference between accuracy and precision? in YouTube. As I've never seen incremented something, I assume it means bettered here. Exactly how is incremented used here, and is it used commonly?

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Mick updated 28 November
An older term would be divided, and refers to the number of divisions (markings) on a scale. A finely divided tool will have a lot of scale markings. The most precise types of scale were Vernier scales. Now that more and more tools are digital in nature, it may make more sense to talk about increments, rather than divisions.
Geoff_Clapp updated 29 November
"Finely incremented tools" could also be understood as "having more accuracy." In this case the word "finely" is used to distinguish the tools from tools of lesser quality (presumed to have less capacity for measurement).
bulilia updated 28 December
Tend to agree with those who suggests that 'finely incremented' is used to denote more precise tools allowing more detailed measurements as opposed to those having lesser levels of correctness.
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