Anything that I know

In a sentence: "Well, we won't know what anything is until she wakes up and we talk to Scarlett and we talk to the doctor." Google the sentence for context, if you're interested. What does 'anything' mean here?

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bulilia updated 23 December 2016
The closest meaning of 'anything' in this context is 'any object, event, action, etc, whatever', e.g. 'Anything might happen''. 'Whatever' seems the key word here. This is what the Head feared of, the uncertainty and unpredictability of the reasons behind the singer's syncope which could vary from plain weariness to drug abuse. Having all these in mind he accentuated they were unprepared to explain the incident to the audience at the moment, and expressed his panic using this emotional phrase which can hardly be considered idiomatic.
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