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This is information.

A man gives a police officer a photograph of the man who raped the police officer's wife and says:My people know him. He's not with us. Bragged about it, said, well, matched your wife's account.Police officer: How do you know my wife's account?Man: This is only information, man. Shit in the air. I'm sharing with you.(True Detective)1) Is "only" an adverb or adjective here?2) I think it's an adverb because it's without "the" article. But then, considering the police officer's question, what does he mean by that? I don't know more, I can't tell more, or something else?Thanks for your help. 

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PaulQ updated 22 December
This is only information -> What I have just said is merely/purely/exclusively/no more than information -> it is an adverb.However "I think it's an adverb because it's without "the" article."" is wrong. Adverbs are not qualified by "the" - only nouns are qualified by "the". Information does not require an article as it is an uncountable noun. 
emre aydın updated 22 December
Actually I meant to say it specifically for the adjectival use of "only".Only - Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's Learner's DictionaryAt this link, all the uses of only are after "the" or a possessive pronoun (his, her, etc...).Thank you Paul. 
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