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We're coming for you.

"We're coming for you".Before you ask for context: There is none. Somebody on a German forum just wanted to know whether the sentence is grammatically correct. I don't know what this person wanted to express.For me it could mean:- We'll pick you up.- We are already on our way to pick you up.In my opinion it could also be meant as a threat in certain contexts:- You can't hide. We'll get you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------So my question is: Am I right? Do you see any other meanings? 

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Keith Bradford updated 22 December
I could imagine a sexual situation involving three people...  
Resa Reader updated 22 December
Keith Bradford said:↑
I could imagine a sexual situation involving three people... Click to expand...
Okay. (There clearly was a lack of imagination on my side.) 
velisarius updated 22 December
We're coming for you" is grammatically correct. Searching for meanings for context-free phrases isn't what we do here though. Sorry. 
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